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It takes two for a duet

Ever heard of the whooper swans? These birds take singing to a whole new level. Partners join frequently in a resonant duet that strengthens their bond and rings across the lake. Likewise, the voice of your business is strong on its own, in its home environment. But as soon as it crosses the Romanian border, it needs to team up with the voice of a local translator to make a duet which sounds beautiful in the new market.
Whooper swan
Photo credits: Dan Evans

I can fine-tune the vocal chords of your business for your Romanian audience in the following fields

Technical translations

with a focus on: mechanical engineering, automotive, industrial plants, wood processing, environment

Business translations

general business, human resources, logistics, sales

Marketing translations

websites, catalogues, newsletters, ads, presentations, media, packaging texts

Legal translations

business contracts, commercial law, corporate law, litigation

Financial translations

financial statements, audit reports, loan agreements, insurance policies

Certified translations

official corporate or personal documents

Make your voice heard!